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Creative Art Scene Design and Decoration Course 艺术场景布置课程

Creative Art Scene Design and Decoration Course 艺术场景布置课程

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Course Content 课程内容

Background Design Set Up 背景制作

Background framework 背景架构

Background types 背景类型

Constructing backgrounds 搭建背景

Installing Taupolin 安装 Taupolin

Pavilion structure 凉亭结构

Function of truss (using arches and pavilions, etc.) 桁架的功能(使用拱门和凉亭等)

Korean style Giant Paper Flower Making 韩系巨型纸花制作 

Designing giant paper flowers in Korean style 设计韩国风格的巨型纸花

Materials selection and usage (special materials construction, chiffon sculpting elements) 材料搭配与使用(特殊材质搭建,纱布造型元素)

Materials pairing and usage (special materials structure, sheer fabric sculpting elements) 材料搭配和使用(特殊材料构造,薄纱布造型元素)



Color study (concept) 颜色研究(概念)

Common color combinations for weddings 婚礼常用的颜色搭配

Overall wedding color scheme visual effect 整体婚礼色系视觉效果


Floral Art (Fresh Flowers / Artificial Flowers / Mix of Fresh and Artificial Flowers) 花艺(鲜花/仿真花/鲜花混合仿真花)

Artificial flower arrangements (based on theme) 仿真花搭配(根据主题)

Calculating artificial flower material quantity (artificial flowers only) 计算仿真花材用量(仅限仿真花)

Material budget ratio (mix of fresh and artificial flowers) 材料预算比例(鲜花混合仿真花)

Material budget ratio (fresh flowers only) 材料预算比例(仅限鲜花)


Floral Art Presentation (European, French, Korean styles) 花艺呈现 (欧式,法式,韩式)

Visual arrangement of floral art (wall flowers) 花艺视觉排列呈现(墙壁花)

Floral arrangement design 排花花艺设计

Floor flower design 地花设计

Arch floral design 拱门花艺设计

Folding screen floral design 屏风花艺设计

Flower wall design 花墙设计

Suspended floral art 悬吊花艺

Flower vase arrangement 花瓶花制作

VIP waterfall floral decoration VIP 瀑布花布置

Long table decoration 长桌装饰

Welcome sign floral decoration (easel flower decoration) 欢迎牌花(画架花装饰)

Reception table decoration 接待桌装饰


Art – Corner arrangement / Floral scene (Choose One) 艺术– 角落布置 / 花艺场景(其中一项)

Floral installation (floral scene preservation area) 花艺装置(花艺留景区)

Artistic floral design (special themes) 艺术花艺设计(特殊主题)

Oriental-style scene preservation area 东方风格留景区

Rustic tranquility decoration 哗寂风布置

Reed grass decoration 芦苇草布置

Black and white floral decoration 黑白色系花艺布置

Yellow and white floral decoration 黄白色花艺布置

Sunset-themed decoration 夕阳主题布置

Van Gogh’s starry sky-themed decoration 梵高星空主题布置

Monet Garden theme decoration Monet Garden 主题装饰

Natural theme decoration (wilderness natural theme) 自然系布置(山野自然系)

Course Duration:

7 Days, each day 10am-5pm 

(3Days + 4 Days, can separate into 2 weeks to complete the course



Price includes teaching fee & relevant materials.


开课时间:通过 Whatsapp 012-7023678 预定。

Course Time:Prebook in advance through Whatsapp 012-702 3678.



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