About Us

Our company, Laurels & Leafz is named after our founder, Laurel.
People tend to ask Laurel “Do you regret giving up your banking high paid salaried just to realize your dream as a florist?”
The answer will always be I have no regrets and I will definitely choose it over and over again.
I’m not from a rich family neither do I have a strong family background. I started my banking journey after graduation and work a several years in the bank as relationship manager and eventually client advisor. I always wanted to be a florist, doing the things that I like in an environment that I enjoy.
Living your dream is never hard. Don’t settle for ordinary when you can be extraordinary. We will always be here no matter when you need flowers or guidance in your flower journey.

History of Company

Laurels & Leafz have been established since 2015. We proudly say that 90% of our flowers are imported as we hope to introduce more imported and special floras to our customers. We first started off as a part time business online and after a year became a full-time brick and mortar business. Looking for a location was never an easy task, however the design and environment of Southkey has attracted us to start a business in Southkey. 

We believe a beautiful and enjoyable environment plays an important role in designing beautiful and innovative products and deliver quality products to our customers. Besides that, Southkey will also be a good place for our flower arrangement students to learn a skill or spend their time.

In year 2021, we have further expanded our business to a corner house lot in Taman Sri Tebrau. 

We hope to design more quality products and create more memorable memories and experience for people. We believe that with this move, we have more space for our students to learn flower arrangements, no matter to relax their mind or to learn a flower skill to start their flower business.