Corporate Gifting/Workshops

 At LNL Florist, we understand that the right gift can say more than words. Whether you want to appreciate your employees, impress clients, or celebrate milestones, we've got you covered. Our corporate gifting service & workshops are designed to make a lasting impression in the world of business.

Client Relations

Strengthen your client relationships by organizing a meaningful workshop that echo your dedication to their business partnership.

Corporate Event

Let us transform your corporate gathering into an elegant and memorable affair with the enchantment of our floral designs. Elevate your event, one petal at a time.

Special Occasions

Celebrate noteworthy achievements, anniversaries, and milestones with an elegant touch through our floral arrangements and gift offerings.

  • 1. Brief - Tell Us Your Vision

    Let us in on your gifting vision. Who is the lucky recipient? How many individuals are on your list? What's the budget you have in mind? Are there any unique requests or special themes? Share your ideas with us, and we're all ears! Your vision is our inspiration.

  • 2. Proposal - Tailoring Uniqueness

    Once we have your vision in mind, we'll craft a proposal that's tailored to your unique requests and requirements. Picture a specially curated gift box, meticulously designed to encapsulate your message. You have the power to make it yours.

  • 3. Personalize - Your Brand, Your Message

    We understand the art of making a gift stand out from the crowd. Our skilled designers are here to weave your brand and message into the very fabric of the packaging. We're all ears, ready to make your vision a reality.

  • 4. Gift - Creating Moments That Matter

    Finally, experience the joy of giving a gift that will be cherished and etched into the memories of your recipients. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about creating an experience that's genuinely enjoyed. Your gift isn't just a present. It's a moment to be treasured.

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Let's Begin Crafting Your Event

Find out how we can craft the perfect gift for your initiative.