Terms & Conditions

  1. Orders will only be confirmed after payment is received.
  2. Changing of delivery / pick up date can only be done 3 days in advance. There will be no refund once an order is confirmed.
  3. Delivery will have a time range of an hour from the time that you choose. We will do our best to match  your time but estimate arrival time can’t be accurate subject to the traffic.
  4. Due to the current epidemic situation, delivery to hospitals can only be done at the entrance downstairs to collect. There will be certain rules & regulations for condos, apartments or certain places, be assured that we will adhere to the rules and regulations of the receiver places and we will contact receiver to collect if needed.
  5. If you will like to send as a surprise delivery and will prefer us not to contact the receiver, once our driver arrive at the delivery location but no one is there to receive the order, there will be a surcharge for changing the delivery location.
  6. Displayed product will differ slightly from the photos due to the unique nature of each arrangement, lighting contrast and the photos are taken in a specific way, the final product might be slightly different from the sample.
  7. Certain types and colours of the flowers are seasonal. If the selected flowers and colour combination is unavailable at the time of the order, we will replace it with one of equal value or higher.