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Baby Breath Magic Ball Bouquet With 4-Inch Cake

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LED light
Ferrero Rocher 16 pcs
4 inch
9 cup mousse cake (Not available on Monday)
4 Inch Floral Cake (Not available on Sun)
4 Inch Daisy Cake (Not available on Sun)
4 Inch Blue Daisy Cake (Not available on Sun)
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Monstera Obliqua (with original brown pot)
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Product Description


*At least 6 hours lead time for cake


Include A Baby Breath Magic Ball Bouquet and Cake

Acrylic Ball can maintain quite long, not like normal balloon.


Bouquet size approximate 

Width: 25cm-35cm

Height: 40cm-45cm


Flower / fillers included

Dry Rainbow Colour Baby Breath, Acrylic Ball, LED Light


Cake Flavour
1. Salted Caramel Cake
Dark Chocolate Cake filled with Caramel infused Buttercream & thin layer of Salted Caramel

2. Lemon Summer Berry
A Summertime favourite, this light tenders Vanilla cake is accented with Lemon filling, & Mixed Berries

3. Cookies & Cream
A throwback to your childhood favourite, this Rich Choc Cake includes Crushes Oreo Cookies inside Vanilla Filling

4. Chocolate Chips
Just Chocolate, for CHOCOLATE LOVERS !!

5. Caffe Latte Almond Cake
A decadent layered Coffee Cake & Roasted Almond Brushed with Coffee and filled with Coffee Cream

6. Red Velvet Cake
A rich Chocolate flavored Sponge Cake with a Distinctive Reddish colour, laters with Cream Cheese Icing.

7. Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread
Dark Chocolate Cake filled with Super Creamy and Rich Peanut Butter Frosting.


** Disclaimer:As each product is handcrafted and it might not be exactly the same. 

Flowers / Filler flowers shown are subject to change based on availability. We will do our best to ensure a nice product to be created. 

Our photos are all arranged, edited, under different lighting condition thus actual product may vary due to background lighting.


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