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Entrepreneur Course

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*Course is for ADULT only, student are not allowed to bring children, pet and any other together during the class.

*上课期间不允许携带小孩,宠物和任何第三方参与, 以免影响其他学生的权益

Recommended for students whom have zero knowledge on floristry, wish to improve their floristry skills or to start a flower business.

Entrepreneur Class will include a business starter pack so that students can directly start their business during / after completing the course.

Starter pack includes:

Multipurpose scissors x 1 piece

Tiger cutter x 1 piece

Tape x 3 roll

Wrapping paper (roll / packet) x 2 types  (will be the types that we use in class)

Ribbon x 1 piece

Rose thorns / leaves remover x 1 piece

Floral Foam (5 blocks – 23cm x 11cm x 8cm per pcs)

Cotton (150g) x 1 packet

LNL Student Benefits:

–  Cost saving up to 50% on buying flowers, materials and tools for entrepreneur students

– Obtain first hand floristry information such as trending flowers or popular designs.

– Life-time coaching, we will still provide guidance or opinion after course is completed.

Course Outline:

Practical Class

Day 1-Day 5

  1. Basic spiral bouquet 基础螺旋花束
  2. Basic Korean style mixed flowers bouquet 基础混搭花束
  3. Ins style mini handtied bouquet 迷你花束
  4. Ins style tulip bouquet 郁金香花束
  5. 99 roses 99朵玫瑰
  6. Korean style bridal bouquet + buttonaire+ Corsage  新娘手花 + 新郎胸花+手腕花
  7. Garden style flower basket 手提花篮
  8. Korean style flat lay flower box 平放式花盒
  9. Korean style basic flower pot arrangement (with floral foam) 基本花盆插花 (用花泥)
  10. Ins Style opening stand 开张花篮
  11. Condolences flower stand 去世花篮
  12. Russian style soap flower bouquet 俄罗斯圆形香皂花束
  13. Preserved Flower Bell Jar 永生花玻璃罩

Theory Class

  1. Flower care knowledge 花材认知和养护讲解
  2. Introduction to flower tools & equipment 常用工具介绍
  3. Color theory 花店色彩搭配及运用
  4. Basic photography + video skill 摄影小技巧
  5. How to set up Facebook + Instagram 设立脸书与instagram个人账号
  6. Cost & price calculation 作品如何订价
  7. Suppliers (fresh flowers & materials) contacts sharing 进货渠道分享
  8. What to take note during your flower entrepreneur journey 创业避坑指南
  9. Flower shop experience sharing 开店经验分享
  10. Marketing Promotion 市场营销与推广

Time:5 days (from 11am – 5pm each day) + 1 day online theory & experience class 

We use good quality imported fresh flowers during our courses.

Students will be able to bring back artworks after the course. You can give it as a gift or directly sell to customers.

Price includes teaching fee & relevant materials.

Course Time 开课时间:Prebook 1 week in advance through whatsapp 012-702 3678

LNL Flower School
Rules and Regulations
1. 确定了上课日期不能随意更换,如果真的有事情需要更换,必须一周前通知。

2.上课期间不允许携带小孩、宠物和任何第三方参与, 以免影响其他学生的权益。

3. 上课时间不能迟到,需要提早半个小时前来做RTK检测,如果迟到超过15分钟。

4. 创业班上课时间为11am-5pm,不能要求提早下课,除非事先提出申请。

5. 付款报名后,不能要求退款。

6. 所有课程需要在报名后半年内完成。

7. 学生必须完成3剂疫苗,14天产生抗体后才可以来上课。


LNL Flower School
Rules and Regulations
1. Students are not allowed to change class date after confirmation .
Kindly inform us one week in advance if you really need to change class date.
Every student has only ONE chance to change class date.

2. Students are not allowed to bring pet, kids, or any third party to class.

3. Please be punctual, don’t be late.
Students need to arrive at least 15 mins earlier for RTK test.
LNL Flower School reserves all the right to cancel the class if student is late more than 15 mins.
Class replacement date will be arranged by LNL Flower School.

4. All florist courses start from 11am until 5pm (except Experience Class/Trial Class/Hobby Class).
Course cannot dismiss earlier unless students inform us in advance with reasonable reason.

5. No Refund Policy
Students must pay at least 50% of course fees for Registration Fees.
The left 50% payment must be made before course starting.
LNL Flower School will not do any refund after the enrollment is done.

6. Students must complete the course within SIX months after registration.
Students will obtain a certificate from LNL Flower School after completing the course.
Experience Class/ Trial Class/ Hobby Class will not have certificate.

7. Students must complete BOOSTER doses of Covid-19 Vaccination before attending any class.
Students must provide us your name, phone number, and vaccination certificate for the registration.
Students are required to do RTK test before class.



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